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Ultimate chicken house

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a 2D platformer where you build the level as you play, trying to solve puzzles in the single player mode and trying to build levels hard enough that you can finish them (but your friends can’t) in the multiplayer mode.

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Instead of a boring character and level select screen, we have a fully playable lobby treehouse. It lets players get used to the game controls and have tons of fun.

Играть онлайн в Ultimate Chicken Horse, видео, прохождение, отзывы, скриншоты - Самые свежие обзоры ...

Купить Ultimate Chicken Horse - Soundtrack Edition Включенные товары (2): Ultimate Chicken Horse, Ultimate Chicken Horse Soundtrack.

Встроенное видео  · Ultimate Chicken Horse прошла долгий путь, начиная сбором средств на разработку и заканчивая отбором ...

Chicken Invaders 4: Ultimate Omelette Easter Edition is a fun chicken shooting game where you must defeat all enemies and grab the highest score possible. Three times they invaded, each time with increasingly devious plans. Three times we managed to push them back whence they came, and secure humanity a few more years as the dominant species of this planet.

Chicken Attack is a brick-busting game where you´re a hen trying to save her chicks from turning into dinner. You will have to guide the character while it shoots bricks and obstacles running around the screen and collecting its baby chicks. As in every brick-busting game, you will have power-ups, bonus worms and treasures that will fall over you as the levels progress.

Chicken Invaders is a platform game that resembles Galaga but is more fun. The game starts with a phrase that we all know: "A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away..." That phrase alone gives me the goose bumps. The whole premise of the game is to fight a Chicken Invasion. Humanity has been killing chicken right and left for thousands of years.

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