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Pesadelo regressao

The game has been updated with a new build to fix some bugs reported by players.

Keys We are working on key binding system but for now we published some adjusts
Fixed Arrow keys actions. Now strafing instead of turning.

Bugs fixed GPU AMD Conflict fixed
Save spawn bug fixed.
Load with wierd teleport fixed.
Doors opening slowly fixed.
60FPS interactions fixed.

Maybe you will need to restart your steam client to apply this update.

If you're experiencing more problems, tell us.
Thanks for your pacient and feedbacks.

“It's an excellent experience for horror fans”
8.3 – Techtudo

“It's an excellent horror game”
8 – Game4me

“Pesadelo-Regressão understands how to craft a tense and frightening environment, and has the potential to be truly horrifying.”
80 – opnoobs

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