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Constantine lord of darkness film 2005

Sir Constantine Henry Phipps (1656–1723) was an English-born lawyer who held the office of Lord Chancellor of Ireland . His term of office was marked by bitter political faction-fighting and he faced repeated calls for his removal. His descendants held the titles Earl of Mulgrave and Marquess of Normanby . Sir William Phips , the Governor of Massachusetts , was his cousin.

constantine lord of darkness film 2005

He was born in Reading , the third son of Francis Phipps and Anne Sharpe. Though they described themselves as "gentry", his family do not seem to have had much money: Constantine received a free education at Reading School ; and his uncle James emigrated to Maine where his son William, the future Governor, was born. Constantine won a scholarship to St. John's College, Oxford in 1672.

constantine lord of darkness film 2005

He was admitted to Gray's Inn in 1678 and called to the Bar in 1684. He was a lawyer of real ability, but also a strong Tory and suspected Jacobite , which hindered his career. His name became associated with political cases: he was junior counsel for the defence in the prosecution of Sir John Fenwick for his part in the conspiracy against William III in 1696. It was his management of the defence of Henry Sacheverell , impeached for an inflammatory sermon, in 1710, that made his name and apparently caused Queen Anne to favour him.

The Hethumids ( Armenian : Հեթումյաններ ) (also spelled Hetoumids or Het'umids ), also known as the House of Lampron (after Lampron castle), were the rulers of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia from 1226 to 1373. Hethum I, the first of the Hethumids, came to power when he married Queen Isabella of Armenia who had inherited the throne from her father.

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